Our technicians have been serving satisfied return customers for the past 35 years. 
We are constantly improving our customer service and offer a satisfaction guarantee service.
We only offer factory-authorized parts and repairs to the highest industry standards, our staff is fully trained and qualified to deal with almost any laundry room repair.
(we are a liability insured company)
As you may have noticed, laundry rooms aren’t as dependable as they were in the days and maintenance must be up to date in order to keep satisfied tenants.
For service please call toll free 1 (877) 927- 4123

Our Rates:

$65.00 Service Charge per call (includes 30 minutes of labor).
$20.00 For any additional 15 minutes thereafter.
*** Cost of parts in addition to service charges.
About Us
1 (877) 927- 4123
1 (877) 927- 4123
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